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HIPAA & The Miley-Cyrus Approach to Data Disposal

Does a Miley Cyrus video with over 750 million views offer any insights into what HIPAA says about data disposal? Well, consider this: The massive wrecking ball Ms. Cyrus sits on in the video swings between cinder-block walls. And before the hit song is over, they’re reduced to rubble, destroyed beyond recognition. If it’s not too much of a stretch, let’s think of that image from the “Wrecking Ball” video as a metaphor for the Security Rule’s guidelines for the disposal of computers, laptops and other media that house Protected Health Information (PHI). The best way to prevent unauthorized access […]

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6 Symptoms of a Possible Computer Virus

In your line of work, people come to you every day with symptoms. Chest pains. Chills. Blurred vision. Toothaches. And every day you draw on your years of medical, optometry, or dental training and your skills as a diagnostician to figure what’s wrong and how to fix it. As a healthcare professional, it’s what you do. But when it comes to diagnosing a computer virus, it’s not uncommon for healthcare providers to say in frustration, “Beats me why this computer’s acting so weird!” Not uncommon either to hope that a simple re-boot will solve the problem. Sometimes it does. Not […]

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Why Serious HIPAA Enforcement Is Inevitable

To borrow a phrase from Stephen Colbert, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) — the department in charge of HIPAA enforcement — got a “wag of the finger” a while back from the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General. And that’s bound to have an impact on healthcare offices everywhere. A November 2013 report from that office pointed out serious weaknesses that need to be addressed in OCR’s enforcement of HIPAA compliance. Titled — in all caps, no less — THE OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS DID NOT MEET ALL FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS IN ITS OVERSIGHT AND ENFORCEMENT OF […]

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