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The Truth about HIPAA Compliant Email

In a previous blog I talked about the importance of email security in today’s healthcare practices. I focused mainly on the advantages of using secure HIPAA compliant email in communications with patients, and how that kind of communication can earn a doctor or dentist a high rating on social media and, quite possibly, a better bottom line. Patient endorsements are great, but – truth is — the advantages of HIPAA compliant email are more far-reaching than that. In many ways, secure email can play a vital role in running a practice. This short post will point out a few. One […]

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The Basics of Mobile Device Security for Protected Health Information

The single most common way Protected Health Information (PHI) is compromised is through the loss of devices themselves, whether this happens by accident or by theft. Technology — thumb drives, CDs, smart phones, tablets — has made it possible for large amounts of information to be tucked into our pockets or purses and carried to our cars, homes, favorite coffee shops, or hotel rooms at conferences. Files that used to take up an entire wall can now fit on a 2-inch thumb drive, a mini iPad, a laptop. But with this amazing technological convenience, comes increased responsibility. “Covered entities and […]

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