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It's here. A proven strategy for implementing your county's Stepping Up Program


Our jails have become defacto psych wards. Changing that saves lives and money.

Stepping Up — the national initiative to reduce the number of people with mental illness in jails by collecting and sharing data that connects them to treatment and services — can be a challenge to implement. Especially for counties that find themselves understaffed, overworked, and possibly in need of some extra help when it comes to HIPPA compliance and cyber security.

Know for sure you're taking the right steps

To implement a Stepping Up program, look to Touchstone’s cyber-compliance experts to help you:

The expertise we needed

“Before we brought Touchstone in to help, our team struggled with the inter-department collaboration and compliance Stepping Up requires.

With fairness and impartiality, they helped us work together to overcome the stumbling blocks to matching data between different departments and agencies.

Don’t go it alone. Bring in Touchstone at the beginning.”

Ryan Lamb

IT Project Manager

County of San Luis Obispo

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Basic Guide for Successfully Implementing Stepping Up

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