Touchstone Compliance

We help dental offices improve workplace safety and avoid costly fines, lawsuits, and ransomware

Power through OSHA compliance with our
customizable suite of services

Mock OSHA Audits

With our online assessment tool, get insight into your current level of OSHA compliance and clarity about what still needs to be done.

Security & Risk Assessment

With non-invasive technology, we identify vulnerabilities within your workstations and networks.

Risk Management Plans

After assessments, we provide you with a clear plan for dealing with identified compliance and cyber risks to your workplace.

Policies & Procedures

We’ll help you develop policies and procedures that meet OSHA’s standards.

OSHA Training

We provide  workforce training — on site —  in OSHA standards for compliance.

Concierge Services

Meet one-on-one with our cyber-compliance pros for a comprehensive on-site analysis of compliance and cyber security in your workplace.

Securely access our online assessment tool anytime, anywhere, from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

The Compliance Assessor

This online tool covers the compliance issues government auditors evaluate. Log on to answer its questions and you’ll: 

Based in the cloud, it's easy to access and easy to use

And there’s no need for special software, extra upgrades, additional storage, or support from your IT department.