CEDR HR Solutions

CEDR HR Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of legally compliant, individually customized medical office handbooks to practices of all sizes and specialties. The primary mission of CEDR is to help employers avoid lawsuits, fees, and penalties through legal compliance and stronger policies. CEDR does this by crafting office manuals with built-in compliance to HIPAA and the hundreds of federal and state employment laws and regulations employers must abide by.

CEDR’s HR Solution Center, staffed by attorneys and HR experts, delivers live, unlimited, on-demand HR advice to help employers and managers resolve their toughest employee issues. Across the board, CEDR helps practices implement the best strategies and management procedures, resolve employee problems before they lead to lawsuits, and reduce liability.

To make sure your office policies are HIPAA-compliant and 100% up-to-date, call CEDR at 866.414.6056 and mention Touchstone to be eligible for a $500 discount. Or visit www.cedrsolutions.com.