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The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Patients’ Rights

With so much involved in running a successful healthcare practice today, it’s easy to understand how HIPAA has come to be viewed as more of a nuisance than a necessary part of good care. But at its core, HIPAA isn’t about extra logistical hassles or additional work, it’s really about best practices — and creating and maintaining a professional environment that protects every patient’s rights.

3 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know to Pass a HIPAA Audit

In an earlier post, I talked about “The Secret to Passing a HIPAA Audit.” And it came down to the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared.
Today I’d like to expand a bit on that and offer some info on specific areas of compliance the HIPAA auditors will be delving into. These areas aren’t a secret. In fact, auditors who’ll be knocking on doors of practices like yours will arrive with very clear guidelines from HHS as to what to look for and evaluate.

Quick Tips for HIPAA Compliance

Computer privacy screens are designed to protect the data on your screen from the eyes of the idly curious or the intentionally prying. A privacy screen guards against unauthorized viewing of info by limiting viewing to the person sitting directly in front of the screen. Anyone looking from the side won’t be able to see what’s there—patient names, addresses, insurance info, and more.