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Best Popcorn for Watching a Short HIPAA Video about Security of EHR

This short blog is going to point you in the direction of a good HHS video about the security of EHR  and a good popcorn to go with it.
I’ve always loved popcorn. Who doesn’t? I remember my mom sprinkling the kernels into the hot oil in a heavy-duty kettle on our kitchen stove, slapping on the kettle’s cover, sliding the whole thing back and forth over a red-hot burner. And me and my sisters waiting for the “pop-pop-pop” that told us our favorite snack would soon be ready for Saturday Night at the Movies on the couch in the living room.
Popcorn and movie-watching — they go together like, well, HIPAA and compliance. Policies and procedures. Security and Electronic Health Records.Today, for your viewing pleasure, I’d like to share with you a short video, produced by Health and Human Services about Ensuring the Security of EHR (Electronic Health Records).  What I like about this two-minute movie is the way it reinforces the idea that Electronic Health Records are so much more than mere data. They represent people’s lives and histories — their challenges, setbacks, and triumphs. The video serves as a nice reminder of the real reasons people choose to work in healthcare.
In case you might want to pop some microwave popcorn before you settle in to watch it, Pop Secret Homestyle is, in my opinion, perfect. Pre-seasoned with just the right amount of butter and salt, Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn reminds me of my mom’s.  And I think that’s kinda fitting, considering the content of this video.

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