Touchstone Compliance

Cyber-compliance pros. Here to help.

“As President of Touchstone, I take great pride in knowing that the compliance and cyber tools we’ve developed help the professionals we serve keep their focus where they want it to be—on their practices, businesses, or organizations. ”                                                                                     

– Roman Diaz

Our story

(the short version)

When we started in 2011, we focused our business on the healthcare industry, HIPAA compliance, and the privacy and security of patient data. But today we’re also able to tailor those same tools and services to help a variety of industries, agencies, and organizations with OSHA, FERPA, CCPA, FISMA, HIPAA and CMMC (when it launches).

Our Executive Team brings over 75 years of combined experience and success in business, technology, healthcare and cyber compliance. Today several Fortune 500 companies rely on solutions our engineers played a lead role in developing

Executive team

Roman Diaz 

President & CEO


David Nelson

Compliance Specialist

Touchstone Compliance Healthcare HIPAA Doug

Dr. Doug Munroe

Managing Member


Certifiable expertise

And as a State of California Preferred Vendor, Touchstone Compliance has the credentials to serve both the private and public sectors. 

Touchstone’s other certifications include: