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You do IT. We do HIPAA.

Let’s work together to help healthcare professionals protect the privacy and security of patient information.

This short video highlights the advantages.

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A comprehensive approach to compliance

HIPAA involves  a wide range of must-do’s. Many are IT-related. But many aren’t. Our tools and services have been developed by HIPAA experts, so we’re able to assist healthcare clients with every aspect of compliance — including privacy and breach management, as well as data security.

A large percentage of healthcare offices and organizations don’t know where to start when it comes to HIPAA’s requirements for data security. Here’s how Touchstone Compliance helps:

  • Our assessment tools and automated scans identify and analyze security gaps specific to HIPAA compliance.
  • These tools produce reports specifying the IT work that needs to be done. (See sample page.)
  • The issues identified are categorized as as High, Medium, or Low Risk.
  • You can use the reports we generate to focus and support the IT updates, fixes, and installations your healthcare client needs for HIPAA compliance.
  • We also offer healthcare professionals the option of periodic re-assessments, giving you the opportunity to provide ongoing IT service for HIPAA compliance.

Partnering with Touchstone Compliance enables you to:

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By teaming up with Touchstone, you’ll also be helping the healthcare professionals you serve to:

  • Achieve and maintain compliance
  • Avoid costly fines.
  • Be well-prepared for their HIPAA audit from the government.